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Firefly Art was started to create fine art that is affordable for average homeowners and businesses. I strive to meet this need in a variety of ways. Whether customers want landscapes, portraits or abstracts, I believe I can create art that will meet their needs. I believe that art should reach out and touch people. Paintings can generate excitement, joy or peaceful contemplation. They can record a moment in time or the beauty of a favorite place. Whether you are looking for a painting from my travels or want one of your photographs recreated into a painting to fit your living space, Firefly Art can help you find the painting that will add a finishing touch to your home or office anywhere in the United States.

In creating my oil paintings, I love to use a lot of color and a variety of textures including foamy waves on a beach, crashing surf or craggy cliffs and snow-covered mountains. Sometimes I paint from a unique perspective such as underwater or peering out from a cave. Painting from my travels makes me happy each time I look at the painting because I remember the place I visited. I can almost hear the surf and the birds. I can help customers revisit special places by creating art from their own vacation photographs.

My paintings are considered unique because I use intense mostly warm happy colors that evoke feelings of joy and contentment. I paint in a variety of sizes so that it is easy to find a painting to fit any budget.

Pencil drawings are a wonderful way to capture the expressions on the faces of precious babies and other family members. Paintings or drawings of your loved ones makes a treasured gift. Commissions are welcome and affordable.

Customer Reviews

Christi F.

"I contacted Fire Fly Art to paint a picture of my mother’s home where she grew up... we're all beyond pleased with the finished painting. Not only was it affordable but it took my mom back to where she grew up. She said it looked liked she remembered as a little girl. BJ's an amazing artist. Very affordable, professional and beautiful work. Thanks Firefly Art!"

Keith M.

I already have a few of BJ's pieces but when I saw this lighthouse painting I just had to have it. The colors are warm and seem to just jump off the canvas. The contrasting colors of the water, land, and surf really catch the eye. I could not wait to hang it in my house.

Hayley S.

I have several pieces of BJ’s art in my home and office. My favorite is her painting of the Eiffel Tower. My husband and I visited Paris for our wedding anniversary and she was able to paint a picture to help us relive the memories of our incredible trip. The details and intricacies on the Eiffel Tower itself are so impressive. It’s a beautiful piece of art and it receives many compliments from visitors!