Experiencing the beauty of nature in my travels to other environments and countries inspired me to paint. I wanted to preserve the memories and feelings evoked by the beauty I experienced. I gifted some of these paintings to family and friends and loaned some to small business offices. Owners have commented on how they love the colors, textures and light in my oil paintings. Inspired to do more paintings, I started Firefly Art in 2016 in order to have an outlet for my art.

It is very satisfying to me to help people obtain fine art for their own homes and offices that is uplifting and makes them happy. I think many more people would like original oil paintings if they found paintings to complement their space and personality that were not prohibitively expensive. I especially enjoy doing commissions because of the interaction between the client and myself to get them exactly what they want in a personalized painting or drawing.

Firefly Art is a relatively new company but has had a good working relationship with people who commissioned art or purchased art from it. Return customers and word of mouth recommendations are of great value as are reviews.
Painting pictures with other viewers in mind helps me grow as an artist. Looking at the world from another perspective has stretched me and helped me in developing new techniques to get my ideas across.

Firefly Art desires to deliver original fine art paintings and drawings that will be pleasing to customers and add value to their space and lives. It is my hope that they are satisfied customers who will return and find another treasure for themselves or a gift for friends and family.

BJ Seidel - Firefly Art Artist

Meet Our Artist

BJ Seidel's Bio:

My first experience with art was drawing cartoons of my children as they grew and developed. I kept family and friends up to date with our lives by sending copies of the monthly cartoons delivering news and laughs. Then I began creating original greeting cards for family events. Now that my children are grown and married, I have grandchildren who provide fresh ideas for painting and drawing. I am also able to travel more and get fresh inspiration everywhere I go. I find inspiration in nature, people watching and fine art galleries.