commissioned art testimonial"I contacted Fire Fly Art to paint a picture of my mother’s home where she grew up... we're all beyond pleased with the finished painting. Not only was it affordable but it took my mom back to where she grew up. She said it looked liked she remembered as a little girl. BJ's an amazing artist. Very affordable, professional and beautiful work. Thanks Fire Fly Art!"
- Christi F.

molly customer painting"I just love my new painting from Firefly Art. We see the most beautiful clouds out here in the country where we live and BJ captured them perfectly. It really shows how serene and beautiful things are out here. Thank you, BJ!"
- Molly N.

"As I stand before this mesmerizing painting of the ocean with a lighthouse, I am transported to a world of serene beauty and profound tranquility. The artist has masterfully captured the essence of the sea and the timeless allure of lighthouses in a way that is both breathtaking and emotionally stirring.

I am captivated by the varying shades of blue in the water, from the deep, mysterious indigo of the ocean's depths to the gentle, ethereal turquoise of the shallows, and the foamy whites of the crashing waves. The boats in the distance call out to me as I look through my window at the sandy beach."
- Tricia S.

hayley customer"I have several pieces of BJ’s art in my home and office. My favorite is her painting of the Eiffel Tower. My husband and I visited Paris for our wedding anniversary and she was able to paint a picture to help us relive the memories of our incredible trip. The details and intricacies on the Eiffel Tower itself are so impressive. It’s a beautiful piece of art and it receives many compliments from visitors!"
- Hayley S.

"Got a shadow box and it beautiful 😍. She does a wonderful job and very well priced. It is of American Southwest. Thank you so very much. I love it so much."
- Felicia S.

"BJ did a wonderful job. Very professionally done. She communicated very well to make sure I was satisfied with the results and very prompt turnaround."
- Patti P.

painting and photo of customer, sonia
"My family and I are quite the outdoor enthusiasts. We have been caving and hiking with BJ for a couple of years now. So when we saw her painting of a creek in the woods, we knew we had to have it. The never ending flowing stream and the dark blue sky behind the canopy of trees forever reaching towards the heavens, reminds my kids and I of where we have been and where we are going. Her use of color and composition are absolutely beautiful. Her painting is as magical as our adventures."
- Sandra G.

happy drawings customer becca
"I am absolutely in love with these drawings my Aunt BJ did for my son and I! I cried when I unwrapped them and saw them for the first time. Words cannot describe how grateful I feel to have such a gifted artist in my family who can capture these special moments for me with their art. She did such an amazing job! I show the drawings off to everyone that comes over to my house. They are my favorite decorations that I have! Thank you again so much! We love ya!💜"
- Becca S.

"I placed my order and it was shipped the next day! I actually was out of town when it arrived, so I am not sure how long it took, but it was less than a week from order to delivery. It arrived very carefully packaged and in great condition. I am a caver and this artist had a gorgeous mixed-media painting with actual rocks framing the painting looking up out of a cave entrance. Absolutely gorgeous and hard to find this kind of art! I am very pleased :)"
- Sonia M.

"Very nice. The colors are so vibrant and I really like the softness of the drawings, no hard edges so it gives one a relaxing and soothing look that draws one to think about the setting instead of just viewing it as a photograph. Keep up the good work."
- Kevin F.

karen testimonial"I love BJ’s hand drawn portraits. She brings the viewer into an intimate moment that goes straight to the heart. My favorite drawing is “Generations.” BJ captures the sweet connection between our mother and her great-grandson."
- Karen S.  

keith testimonial"I already have a few of BJ's pieces but when I saw this lighthouse painting I just had to have it. The colors are warm and seem to just jump off the canvas. The contrasting colors of the water, land, and surf really catch the eye. I could not wait to hang it in my house."
- Keith M.  

debbie testimonial"I got this wonderful pencil drawing of me and my Granddaughter. It is not staged but is a true snapshot of the relationship between a Grandmother and her Granddaughter. The smile in my eyes and the expression on her face is precious. BJ really knows how to capture a simple moment and bring it to life."
- Debbie S.

bea testimonial"This beautiful painting by BJ Seidel is perfect. It reminds me of trips to Cape Cod, sitting on the big rocks looking out over the ocean and seeing the beautiful lighthouse. I find looking at it brings me peace and relaxation."
- Bea H.  

jean testimonial"As an artist myself, I appreciate BJ's accomplishments at drawing portraits with emotions and a strong point. Looking good and always getting better."
- Jean S.  

kelly testimonial"I enjoy how this painting depicts the vast splendor of God's creation which surrounds us. It reminds me that "since the creation of the world His invisible attributes, His eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly seen, being understood through what has been made" (Romans 1:20)."
- Kelly S.  

khoun testimonial"BJ is a great friend and my sister in Christ. She’s a very active and talented person. Drawing and painting are a few of her hobbies. I’m lucky to have a couple of her landscape paintings on my living room wall that makes all my guests jealous."
- Khoun B.  

ben testimonial"My wife and I absolutely love Firefly Art and BJ Seidel's incredible artwork.  We have multiple pieces of artwork at our home and office which are admired by clients and guests alike.  We also commissioned a large scenery painting in a very unusual and specific size for a wall in my office that was unusually shaped.  The painting turned out even better than we could have imaged.  We highly recommend Firefly Art!"
- Ben S.

3 generations commissioned drawing"Thank you, BJ, so much for your hard work! John's reaction was priceless and he was speechless. Best birthday gift ever! He loved it so much. Thank you again."
- Rose T.  

"I was home on leave from the army to visit my daughter and my mom caught us with this photo. I sent it to everyone I know including my aunt BJ. A little while later she surprised me with this drawing she made from the photo. She captured all the best reaction and emotion from the photo and eliminated all the distracting things that seem to always be present when taking candid photos. I will think of this precious moment every time I look at it. I can't wait to make more memories like this with my daughter."
- Corey P.

camille testimonial

"I have known BJ Seidel for almost 10 years. We have become great friends in that length of time. When it comes to her many talents it is hard to zero in on just one. But her painting may be her true specialty. I own several of her paintings and love them all. However , I asked her to do one of a cowgirl riding on a beach. This one captures my eye daily and one day I hope to ride that horse on a beach. I also have a sunset in the mountains after a snowstorm that is also very captivating! She can do still life perfectly , but she can also do people from photos and these are wonderful to have. She is a true artist and a very beautiful lady inside and out."
- Camille H.  

elaine testimonial

"It started many years ago when our kids were small and we were next door neighbors; BJ was always drawing and drew funny cartoons with stick figures with outrageously accurate and hilarious expressions, right up there with the best emojis of today to chronicle the adventures of our kids, families and friends! At that point I thought she could have been a syndicated cartoonist!! She has a great sense of fun and humor that is always new and refreshing!

BJ also draws people and objects freehandly with astounding accuracy and detail. She has drawn amazingly realistic portraits that resemble black and white photographs. A hilarious one is that of her son Ben who appears to be peering at you through a small window frame... this surprised and amused me when I went into her basement bathroom one day and the picture was placed as the cover for that window!. Many others capture expressions of joy and coziness such as that of newborns with their parents or grandparents, or of childhood innocence or of some other moment in time.

She has also done gorgeous scratch art, where black paint is applied over a colorful first layer, then the black paint is strategically scratched off to reveal a beautiful and unique picture. I have two of these - a brilliantly colored hummingbird and an owl in dramatic silver and black.

BJ's expansion into painting is beyond just beautiful. The scenes she paints are vivid and eye-catching! They draw you in and keep your attention, much like an unfolding and awe-inspiring firework can! You find your eyes just drinking in the details and vivid colors! The subjects and scenes are so varied and she often paints from personal experiences of the many places she has traveled to and submerged herself in the beauty of. Even simple subjects are so thoughtfully and fashionably portrayed. She has mastered several paint mediums, including watercolor and acrylic. It is easy to see her heart and love in each piece!"
- Elaine B.