Commissioned artwork is a wonderful way to preserve a memory of a person or special event. Many times I see a snapshot of a precious moment in time. In a drawing, I can remove all the “background busy-ness'' and focus on the special moment. The result is a drawing or painting that will be treasured for years to come. If you have a snapshot but want to record only a certain part of it or make other changes, I can do that in a drawing or painting. (See First Time a Mother)

Perhaps you have a photo of a favorite Aunt or Grandparent you want reproduced, or a special moment in time (see Generations). I love portraying the honest emotions of children at play or the precious moment as a baby gazes into his parent’s eyes (See Tim and George or First Time a Mother) Babies and children are always great subjects. (Daddy’s Coonskin Cap and First Time a Grandma) I love recreating such moments in graphite drawings. Perhaps you have a favorite vacation or honeymoon memory you would like to see in a larger format on your wall (see Just The Two of Us). Maybe there is a certain scene or landscape that you want painted that would make you happy to look at in your home or office. It would be my pleasure to paint something special for you to enjoy. Personalized paintings and drawings also make wonderful gifts. I have also reproduced paintings for people that want another copy of their painting for someone else as a gift. (Villa in Redonderas and Piroa Falls) Look Through your favorite photos or take some new ones and contact Firefly Art to explore the possibilities of owning a one of a kind painting.